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What is SelfADSI? What is ADSI?

What is SelfADSI ?

The SelfADSI Tutorial introduces administrators to the scripting in Active Directory environments and other LDAP directory systems. The aim is to understand and being able to develop directory scripts without having specific previous knowledge in AD or LDAP. Preferred scripting language is Visual Basic Script (VBScript). You may use the scripting examples given in the Scripting Tutorial for own projects but please consider the Terms of Use.

SelfADSI is a project of Philipp Foeckeler (CerroTorre Networking). The tutorial arose from the personal demand to automate processes and tasks in Active Directory environments.

This project resulted from the fact that the explanations given for developers on the official Microsoft web site turned out to be quite complex and confusing for beginners. SelfADSI is designed as a tutorial for scripting with Visual Basic Script - an expansion for developing with PowerShell is planned.

SelfADSI is developed during leisure time and advances constantly... If you are looking for specific information or examples regarding ADSI which you can not find here, or if there are topics in the table of contents in which you might be interested in but which have no active links (yet) - please be patient :)

What is ADSI ?

Generally, extensive control within an Active Directory Services forest over directory objects and their attributes is possible via script. The same applies for other directories like Novell eDirectory (NDS), Exchange 5.5 or OpenLDAP. The technical basis used here is always the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). This protocol enables access to directory services and their contained objects and attributes.

Microsoft provides the ADSI Interface (Active Directory Services Interface) for this access which can be utilized in several scripting and programming languages. Retrieving data from the Active Directory or other directory services and the access to AD-objects or to objects of other directory services is possible with simple scripts.

The SelfADSI scripting tutorial provides you with details about this interface as well as the basics of the LDAP protocol. Furthermore, the essential scripting environment (editing, running and debugging of scripts) is described.

Important Links about ADSI:

ADSI Reference - Active Directory Services Interface (MSDN Library)
The main reference for the ADSI Interface.

Microsoft Windows 2000 Scripting Primer: ADSI-Scripting
Very detailed - even up to date for newer versions of Windows!