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Attributes for AD Contacts (Windows 2008)

You can search for the attributes by using the original tabs from the 'Active Directory Users and Computers' tool. Just click on the tab labels to get the detailed description. You can also go to the next tab by clicking it directly.

You can go here directly to the alphabetical list of attributes.

Contact Attributes : General Tab

Contact Attributes : Address Tab

Contact Attributes : Telephones Tab

Contact Attributes : Organization Tab

Contact Attributes : MemberOf Tab

Contact Attributes : Object Tab

Contact Attributes : Security Tab

The next tab gives you access to the complete set of attributes. This is a functionality which was implemented by the ADSIEdit Tool in former Windows/AD versions. However, it is quite basic and not a comfortable approach to view and edit the low-level directory data - a specialized LDAP browser like LEX - The LDAP Explorer would be much more powerful here.

Kontakt Attribute : Atribute Editor Tab