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API Properties of ADSI Objects

On this page all properties are listed that an directory object has - a script object which was created with the means of ADSI and which is used to access an LDAP directory. You must not mistake these properties with the LDAP attrivutes which are stored in the directory database for a particular object. Therefor we will always distinguish between the "attributes" and the "properties" of an object in this tutorial.

An object has attributes as parts of his stored data in the directory - on the other hand it has properties because it is an entity in the API interface. Properties are provided by the interface, therefor the cannot be read with Get, GetEx or GetInfoEx like directly reading data from the directory. Instead, you have to use this syntax

The properties of an object can be accessed immediately after the creation of an LDAP object with a BIND operation. However, object properties are mostly read only information and cannot be written. Another limitation: Object properties cannot be used in LDAP filters at all (like normal attribute names).