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Welcome to the SelfADSI Project! The SelfADSI Tutorial introduces administrators to the scripting in Active Directory environments and other LDAP directory systems. The aim is to understand and being able to develop directory scripts without having specific previous knowledge in Active Directory or LDAP. Preferred scripting language is Visual Basic Script (VBScript), but Powershell is also in focus. AD scripting / LDAP scripting is easy - learn it with SelfADSI.

Topics within the SelfADSI ADSI Scripting / LDAP Scripting Tutorial:

What is SelfADSI? What is ADSI?
LDAP - The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
The Scripting Environment
LDAP Pathnames - Distinguished Names
Links about ADSI, VBScript und Powershell
LDAP Filters
First Steps: Basic Scripting Examples
The AD Database: Structure and Access
ADSI Error Codes
The Global Catalog

Connecting to the Directory
Creating Objects
Searching Objects with specific Criteria (ADO)
Renaming Objects
Reading Object Attributes
Deleting Objects
Writing Object Attributes
Deep Inside Object Attributes

Attributes for Active Directory Users
Attributes for Exchange 2007 Mail Objects
Attributes for Active Directory Groups
Attributes for Exchange 2000/2003 Mail Objects
Attributes for Active Directory Contacts
Attributes for Services for Unix 3.5
Attributes for Active Directory Computers
Attributes for Exchange 5.5 Mailboxes

Extended AD object handling